Two brands we have under corporation: Sankira and Sanrich

Although two brands belong to quite different industry, they do share corporate's core principles.

Our mission is to provide convenience and flexible in gift package.

    Practicality: Our product remains practical and nice present design.
    Sustainability: Our product is eco-friendly packaging &for replacing the plastic bags /Nice for quick wrapping of gift.
    Price: Our product becomes affordable choice even with superior design and practicality.

Our mission is to promote bamboo products in place of artifically-made/plastic ones. For this great mission, we have a few corporate prinicples as commitment.

    Functionality: Our product remains competitive option with plastic utensils regarding functionality.
    Sustainability: Our product leaves zero waste from manufacturing to customer delivery.
    Price: Our product becomes affordable choice even with positive environmental effect.


Round Organza Drawstring Bags

Color/Size support customized


Eyeglass Cotton Drawstring Bags

with Print


Assorted colors Burlap bag plai

multi colors